Color her independent!

by Kerry


Another one of our tots learned how to ride a two-wheeler recently! Miss Sophia will be 5 soon. Oh how I love the red and white, stay-young-forever, tricycle. Can’t believe another one is growing beyond the need for those 3 wheels. She skipped training wheels. Why go to four wheels when you can zoom with two!

The now bigger, faster red bike.The proud scraped knees and arms, red from headstrong self-reliance.

Red, White, and Blue ~ reminding me of independence lately. In more ways than one! That little tot, growing too quickly, determined to do it all on her own. In her time. No matter how many months we’d offered the idea,…and help, advice, support.

Nope. Not quite ready yet. She wanted it to be her idea. Her triumphant announcement of “I did it!”
…And it was. Self taught in a 24 hour time span.

The traditional Red & White tricycle. The white dress my tomboy-but-frilly girl was wearing on the bigger red bike. Blue bruised knees as the proof of independence.

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