organizing hair accessories

by Kerry

I’ve spent way too much time trying to come up with the most efficient way to organize hair supplies in our home. With two girls (possibly another female on the way??) the hair STUFF is constantly scattered around bathroom cabinets & floors, bedrooms, living room, my room and bathroom, kitchen… Yeah, you name it, hair bobbles everywhere.

Here’s my list of “must haves” for a system to realistically work for us:

*easy to access but not necessarily visible
(in a bathroom or bedroom)

*easy to group items by color

*designated spaces for headbands, ponytail holders, barrettes
(we use these the most)

*everyday functional
– as in easy to keep clean, organized
– creative/cuteness factor a MUST






I’ve also seen hanging shoe organizers used lots of ways,
also tubes – such as paper towel/TP rolls or PVC pipe.

We have used various forms of the above ideas. But now our collection of hair goodies just doesn’t fit these systems. Everything is currently thrown in a clear bucket. No matter how many ziplock baggies I’ve arranged by ponytail color…it just doesn’t last!

So now I’m shopping my home for IKEA items I could possibly convert into a solution : )
I’ll let you know how it pans out.

What do you use to contain your hair supply stash?
Any clever ideas or links to share with us?

***Upcoming projects on my list: washi tape organizer, jewelry organizer***
{the washi tape is so important, am I right?!!! It’s a necessary part of my happy place}