angry cookies

by Kerry

since I’m all about keepin’ it real I’ll be honest –

I’m trudging through days that you just wanna pull hair out
…and not necessarily your own hair

so I decided spur-of-the-moment to make angry cookies


I tried to make them all ominous looking
{just kidding, kind of}

the kind of cookies that you look around and say,
“what could I throw in this mix just because?”

no recipe when you’re angry
no, no
just wing it and know they’ll prob be nothing you’ll make ever again

MY angry cookies consisted of honey, PB, handfuls of oatmeal, choc chips

{after a batch my daughter and I decided they needed bananas}

Are they the worst cookies ever? No
Will I make them again exactly the same angry way? No

enough said.

do YOU ever angry bake?

9 times out of ten it accomplishes nothing –
but it’s better than meditating on angry, I suppose??!!