DIY brown sugar

by Kerry


Always said I was going to try whipping up my own brown sugar,
so I finally did last week…

I’m telling you – easy!

2 cups white granulated sugar to 1 1/2 tablespoons of molasses

That’s a hefty amount of molasses so you may try 1 tablespoon first…
I knew I’d be adding extra amounts of sugar to get the quantity I wanted so I started out with more molasses.

*Also ~ you can adjust more or less sugar amounts depending on if you want light or dark brown sugar.

Use an “unsulphered” molasses.

tip: use a fork to blend the molasses into your white sugar

it WILL blend – don’t give up after the initial glopiness
Trust me!

and stirring the mixture in my biggest liquid measuring cup/pourer was waaaay easier than in a regular bowl

Pretty soon you’ll have brown fluffy goodness!!
of course we immediately tested it out with a batch of choc chip cookies : )