my sunshine for today

by Kerry


You know the saying ~ Create Your Own Sunshine ~

Well, today my bright burst is washi tape in my inbox!
It’s today’s deal on PYP so go treat yourself to a little washi washi : )


This was our sunshine a few days ago. As in the real deal.
That look on my child’s face isn’t really one of disgust
(he’s taking out the compost voluntarily),
rather it’s a “what is that brightness that’s blinding me and feels warm on my face?”

That’s sun, sweetheart.




“Wait. You mean we can do sidewalk chalk, collect rocks, and see shadows?”
Yes, children, you can.


You can even gather those rocks (that actually belong in the flower bed) into a container and pretend it’s special treasure… Like you typically would on a beautiful spring day!!

It didn’t last long, but we enjoyed that sunshine, that 60 degree weather. Every last minute of it. Why we in the northeast act like the lack of a timely spring season is any surprise beats me. This is no new phenomenon around here. But still, I suppose, we dream!

And sadly but hilariously this post already has an update! READ