the cute straws (that are grossing me out)

by Kerry


This is a quirky post today. Completely off topic from anything – neither here nor there.


Am I the only one who gets grossed out by these straws after they’ve been used as –



The gag reflex seriously kicks in a bit, I must say, when I have to grab these “suckers” out of my kids’ cups to throw them away. They not only take on the color of what’s being slurped – but they get mushy and lose the cuteness factor pretty much immediately.

Even hubs threw one in his smoothie the other morning as he headed out to work – took a couple sips, and got this look on his face like “Yeah, this isn’t going to work.”

Is it funny/strange/odd/crazy that this bugs me so??

Oh well.

So I guess this means I’m sticking to using these paper tubes as crafty only items now.
And I’m fine with that.



Which reminds me ~ link me any cute straw crafts you’ve created or seen. Gracias.

Happy hearts week!