more Knits

by Kerry


I’ve been knitting away on some mini rags for the littles.



They measure approximately 6 x 6 – which I found to be the perfect size after tinkering a bit with my larger sized dish rags. These are purely for wiping hands and messy faces at mealtimes.


Great way to use up the ends of my yarn rolls! That and I’m going on a napkin buying strike. I absolutely despise buying napkins. We go through them like crazy and my three year old literally wipes his mouth once with one and balls it up, never to be used the rest of the meal.

So the mini’s work great. The kids love to pick out their favorite patterns/colors and they can’t wad them into balls!! I dampen them a bit, especially on pasta nights. And it’s so nice not having to use my big rags for cleaning them off. They’re super soft, machine wash and dry, and really could be used as sweet little bathing squares for babies. That would make a cute shower gift!

I was asked about the knit necklaces from last week…
These are merely a two-stitch knit for whatever length you desire. Cast on two stitches and knit those like crazy. With a simple knit like this the yarn naturally forms a twist. Bind off. Tie knots in both ends, then tie together or fasten withe a cutie bow. For my youngest daughter and her friends a 20 – 22 inch length is plenty long for tying into a necklace.

Feel free to ask if you have anymore questions! And if you don’t knit but know someone who does, have them show you some basics. Very doable.



Next on my list… DIY cloth napkins : )