Indoor Play Sand

by Kerry



I’m really still on blogging break but this was just too fun NOT to share immediately.
Pics are blah cuz I snapped quickly on iPad – but will do a better version with my new camera soon (yay! Thanks Santa, I love my new camera!!)

**Best indoor play for melty snow day EVER! Well, at least for this week.


I’m in the middle of three different kids’ crafts today but this one, by far, has been a big hit.
Found the idea for this sand in an old Family Fun issue. I up’d the amounts a bit and used a diff oil.

The base is:
4 cups flour
3/4 cup oil (canola, any veg oil – I used walnut cuz it was on hand)

The mag called for 1/2 cup oil, but we found more like 3/4 – 1 cup oil per hefty 4 – 5 cups flour makes some good packing sand. You can most definitely double, triple, quadruple your quantity for whatever sized container you want.

Just mix oil into flour with your hands and let your littles (and in my case – bigs, too) go to town with trucks, animals, cookie cutters, meas cups…etc.

Big bro’ couldn’t resist mixing up an extra batch for himself!

And then big sis’ joined in.

It’s therapeutic. I’m telling you –

Can you imagine a wrapping paper container filled with this stuff??… That could become an awesome four-wheeler course!! (Or dig site, construction zone, dirt bike trail etc, etc)

Containers with lids – huge YES! Little Levi already scheduled more sandtime for when naptime is over : )





It gets sandier (word?) the longer they play and mess – and packier (so a word)!!



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