Marshmallow Goodness (& more)

by Kerry


We went dippin’ yesterday! Marshmallow dipping that is…

Remember Day 13 in my Holiday spotlight? This is my version of that and other posts I’ve seen on the dipping craze.

So it all started with the candy canes:


I got some emotion out and let me say – it felt gooooooooood.




I got all the toppings ready ahead of time. And the options are truly limitless. I had fun with this. I had the canes done and next up were the almonds:

20121219-123100.jpg (just pulverize a handful of these things)

then the graham crackers

20121219-123403.jpg (I crushed about 5)

and pretzels, of course…

20121219-123611.jpg (couple handfuls)

The kids insisted on sprinkles, too.


For the chocolate I used a big bag of semi-sweet choc chips and a few squares of this Ghirardelli bittersweet choc, broken up. Throw in a tablespoon of butter for extra shine.

Melt in double boiler.

20121219-125015.jpg Almost ready…

20121219-125133.jpg Perfect.
I started dipping by hand and found it a bit tricky. Toothpicks ended up the dipping tool of choice. Our store was out of mini candy canes, but I didn’t really want to use these as dipper sticks since I was taking a batch of the marshmallows to a group of women. Didn’t think they’d want to suck on canes all evening! Tall lollipop sticks are another option that looks super cute if you want to leave your dipper stick in the marshmallow. My quantity was too vast, however, and I chose the dip and release method! : )


20121219-130452.jpg My wise 5 yr old daughter thought of using pretzel sticks as dippers – which is genius – so wish I thought of that before!!



Literally every space of countertop was holding a tray of marshmallows. And see those dipped circle pretzels?? Yeah, I had so much chocolate that I began scrounging my cupboards and fridge for anything else I could dip in chocolate.

20121219-131822.jpg …which then led to whole nuts…

20121219-131936.jpg Oh my goodness, I was cry/laughing at this point!

Moral of the story – have mercy on yourself and those you live with, cut the chocolate quantity by half!!!!

20121219-132336.jpg FINALLY the bottom of the bowl – LOL :D



Happiness on a spatula and faces I love.

Women’s study goodie plate – check.

20121219-133022.jpg Neighbor/and-everyone-else-in-town gifts – check, check, check!!!

Merry Christmas! Have a healthy, loving, peace~filled rest of your 2012!

Chat at you next year ; )

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