Every Gift Counts {Day 14}

by Kerry


Can you help?

Bloggers are uniting to Make Christmas Count for Yana this year (and hopefully many years to come)…

Every dollar counts!

Here’s the scoop:

First, read Jeannett’s original post about Yana.

Second, pray about helping – which should really be first, but I thought you’d like to know what you’re praying about – any amount.

Third, donate as you feel led!

Fourth, spread the word. This is crucial to raising as much as we possibly can for this sweet baby girl. Here’s how to share the love.

Jeannett works so hard on her blog to be a voice for the suffering. She’s amazing.

Please visit her blog Life Rearranged to learn as much about as possible about her efforts in the past and present, not to mention her own family’s journey. You will truly be inspired.

Jeannett is even offering a beautiful giveaway(s) for everyone’s efforts. Completely unnecessary – but if it motivates 10, 25, 50, 100 (?) more people to donate and spread the word, then it’s worth it. Check out the Spread The Word Giveaway here as well.

For all her efforts and love she shares with us daily…
Congratulations, Jeannett – You’re in the Spotlight!!



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