Just Rest (Tuesdays Unwrapped)

by Kerry


Lysa’s study is kicking my butt today. Mercy.

Right this minute I needed to rest. Just rest. I keep saying this season will be a season of rest for our family. Soul rest, especially. We need it after this past couple years. Many of you know about our crazy year and-a-half of trying to move to our new home, a miscarriage in the middle of the move, and then another miscarriage exactly one year later. It has all been gut-wrenching to say the least.

Of course my “word to focus on” this past year was Peace. Ironic, yes.

And even though I have days that find me in the depths of darkness, pain and sorrow (and probably always will), I’ve simultaneously experienced an unbelievable amount of humbling peace throughout my wretched ordeals. Truly a PEACE that only He can provide and one that I can’t wrap my head around – but I’ll take it!

As I decided today to seriously stop in the middle of my attempt to clean, organize, and decorate all at the same time only causing a more messified house… I realized I needed to put what-I-consider-to-be necessities on the back burner and put Christ first in this harried season.

In this horrific year. In this nutty week. In this crazy day.

And it feels good. Just what I need. It’s always what we need. His Word never leaves me feeling empty, rather, always fulfilled. Ever fulfilling.

So when I continue to also read in my Unglued book I’m reminded of who I am and whose I am. I’m a child of God. I am His. There is such freedom in that thought/statement/fact. And again, I’ll take it!

Freedom also in this: *God’s job isn’t my job.*
Huh, go figure. ; )
He’s got it handled. Without my two cents on the ways I think He could have gone about grabbing my attention more appropriately. Hmm.

Me? He wants my trust and obedience. I will rest in that today.

Do I want lessons learned to be life-changing or fleeting? I’m hoping to allow this one to be life-altering.


This is your life, where you are right now, the things you hold in your hand. Whether you are in a season of work or rest, celebration or grief, take a moment to see where you are and not where you wish you were instead.

Taste the air of the moments that surround you and unwrap them here with us. We can’t wait to have a peek.

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