Project Baby Bilum {Day 7}

by Kerry


(A bilum is a woven satchel commonly worn throughout Papua New Guinea.)

Adriel, from Mommyhood Memos, is one of the most dedicated women I’ve come across in this blogosphere. She is on a mission to not only *gather clean birth kits for the women in rural Papua New Guinea* but, in addition, she’s determined to help mamas properly care for their newborns after they arrive. Here’s where Umi Slings help play a big part. In her words:

Umi’s village—Bamio—is a village of roughly 500. I don’t know exactly how many of those 500 are mothers – I know for certain that many of them are children… and those children definitely came from mamas. And nearly all of those mamas are responsible for harvesting food for their families.

Next year I would like to bring baby slings for the women of Bamio so they have an alternative to leaving their newborns behind while they work to provide food for their families.

Babies are seriously starving, left at home, not receiving anywhere near eight feelings a day, let alone four. Can you imagine?

Adriel discusses in detail how the slings she wishes to provide for these women need to be a specific style. Read more about that here (Scroll down to where it says “Why a ring sling?”).

This is what it boils down to ~ we are beyond privileged here in the United States (nothing you haven’t heard before, I realize) and there are always ways we can be reaching out to share the love. Would you prayerfully consider helping someone less privileged this Christmas?

If you would like to contribute to Adriel’s efforts, here’s how you can help:

1.Pray first. Always.
2.Please read Adriel’s full post (and links in her post) to get a greater understanding of her work.
3.Buy an Umi Sling.
Scroll down on this page to where it says “Here’s where it gets really, really awesome.” You will learn about Megan and how she’s making it super easy for all of us to contribute!!


… can we start with giving these babies the gift of their mothers back? Because in those early days, a mother’s milk is a baby’s life.

Meet baby girl Umi, inspiration for the Umi Sling:


Because of all her good will…
Congratulations, Adriel – You’re in the Spotlight!


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