by Kerry


Yes, I know. It’s really Saturday. Again. But oh well :)
Anyhoo… Loved the above pic from Handmade Home this week. So true, isn’t it?

Because I’m a cute jar freak.




Wait. Are these MY children cleaning? With smiles and all??


20121124-184607.jpg Why, YES! Yes those are my offspring happily cleaning. This is a post for another day, but I will say there is most definitely bribery involved. We call it “rewards” :)

20121124-185148.jpg Because I see these white sheets of paper all over my house, daily. Middle 1 is inventive and we’re counting on his talents for our retirement.

And because I love progression photos, here’s how this went down…

20121124-185513.jpg “Hey mom, look at us! I’m giving Levi a ride!!”

20121124-185849.jpg (Levi) I’ll be content on your back for 30 seconds then I’m done.

20121124-190052.jpg Told ya. I’ve moved on to big brother’s back.

20121124-190244.jpg (Sophia) “hey – let me in on that!” (Levi) “no Sophia. Get OFF.”

20121124-190608.jpg “GET OFF, I said. OFF! Just me. Getttttttttttt OFF!!!”

20121124-190952.jpg (Sophia) “this is fun!!! Giddy up!” (Levi) I’m not smiling because I’m happy. This is pain on my face, and anger. “Sophia, GET OFF NOW! Just me. Just MEEEEE!!!”

20121124-191525.jpg (Sophia) I’m still smiling! I’m gonna hang on as looooooong as possible. (Levi) “whaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

20121124-192214.jpg (both) “whaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!” Robert (the horse) – still smiling through it all.

20121124-192706.jpg Delish bounty from our organic farming friends.

20121124-192941.jpg Isn’t this the most perfect accidental apple shaped pancake you’ve ever seen?! I couldn’t do this again if I tried.

20121124-193248.jpg Thankful for so much!!

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