Jelly Jars

by Kerry


I’m smitten with these jars. Don’t know why, but I’m semi-giddy when I go to get the jelly each time. Hubby brought these home last week and I’ve never ooooo’d and ahhhhhh’d so much over preserves!

It’s gotta be the groovy geometric shape of the thing. Or the cute gingham lids? I dunno. I’m saving these cuties when they’re emptied. Thank you, Smuckers.


Yes. Adorable puppy in the background sitting by the fire watching crazy mama take pictures of jelly jars.

As what’s-her-name says in Devil Wears Prada… “That’s all.”

Gwen, this is for you!

I just stumbled upon this! Wasn’t even looking for it. Found it on Silhouette America via this giveaway {to help you make it} from Tatertots & Jello!!