Monster Cookies

by Kerry


Our morning was filled with Monster Cookie making…

The recipe is fairly standard across the board for this cookie. We used this one from Moms Who Think. It’s a good one if you need an extra large batch of these monsters. We’re taking ours to church tomorrow for the kids’ evening program, thus the need for the approx 58 cookies we baked today!

PB, oatmeal, choc chips, and M’s make up your basic Monster Cookie. Simple as can be and inexpensive to boot.


20121110-221102.jpg The kids helped out. Everyone wants to crack the eggs. Middle #1 was the lucky crack-er. We love our eggs we get from our organic farming friends. Just can’t buy eggs this beautiful.


Girls got the dry ingredients.


…lucky girls. Yeah, that totally needed two photos.

20121110-222354.jpg They mixed by hand while we mixed by Bosch.


And no joke, this is what hubby is doing while I write…

(Sorry for horrible lighting. It is 10:30 pm and I just snapped that with the iPad on the spot. But, my point is made. These babies are dunk worthy!)

Ok. And here’s pancakes I made the other day.

Gee, and I’m not quite losing those last few pounds (?) – says mom.

Anyhoo, here’s the recipe to use (from Recipe Girl) if you want a normal sized batch of Monster Cookies.