Lame Humor (& links)

by Kerry


We’re such goobers in my family. But the lame humor somehow gets us through each interesting day. The latest? Bathroom antics.

Somehow mom just happens to be the only one to find empty TP rolls. Hm, funny.

I mistakenly shared with my husband how hilarious I found this snippet to be from Victory Road… Denise was sharing some items on her thankful list and I loved how one item on the list was her daughter’s way of leaving messages on the empty paper towel/TP rolls in their house.
So what did I find that night in my bathroom?? Yes. Surprise, surprise – (the above pic). He’s so funny, isn’t he? : /

So, because TP lasts only a minimal number of days in our home, I was able to repay his gesture just 2 days later. Somehow the sarcastic burn doesn’t affect him like it does me. Boo.
I won’t share his latest retort I found written back at me on the roll today. ;) he did, however, catch our five year old attempting to read the words all over our cardboard roll today! Hahaha


Speaking of Victory Road… Denise is offering a wonderful giveaway from her shop right now!

Her winners will be announced the same day I draw mine – Nov. 10th.


Tatertots and Jello is currently participating in a huge blog hop giveaway. I believe there are 25 bloggers involved, so 25 gift baskets up for grabs!!