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by Kerry


Congratulations… Kim!!! You’re the lucky winner!

Kim B.
November 5, 2012 at 7:24 am
We love this one! So fun and you learn so many interesting bits of trivia…
I’m always one for learning trivial facts ;-)

Hooray for giveaways!!!

I loooooooove to share with you and I’m very excited about this opportunity…

We are gamers. I grew up playing all sorts of games, as did my hubby. He and I are a tad bit competitive when it comes to game playing. Just a tad. Stories for another day.

We’ve been getting back into the gamer spirit lately. Not only is it great to give the TV a break, but we could all use a break from The Lorax, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Busytown, and Mario Kart (at my house anyway). My husband periodically purchases a game for us to “try out” which really translates into – *let’s try this one-I promise you’ll love it-if you don’t love it right away we’ll keep playing until you love it as much as I do* – A rough translation on my part, but not completely off base. ;)

The recent purchase: Wits & Wagers

Have you played this?

General summary
Individuals, OR teams, write down answers to questions that the designated reader asks. During each round you write your answer on your own little dry erase board (markers included). When time is up everyone places their board on the game mat in ascending order. Then you choose from everyone’s answers and place a wager. You’re essentially placing your bet on which answer is most likely close to the actual answer, without going over. Points are awarded to anyone who wagered on the best answer choice.

The great part is that even my five year old can play this game with us, – I love that. More often than not we feel we’re leaving the littles out when we play games. Not with this one, though. Since Little Miss just learned to read and write she can participate in all the guessing! (Her guesses aren’t too far off the mark most of the time either.) She does quite well!

And right away you can tell this would be such a fun party game. Easy, fast moving and not a ton of do this, go here, draw two -type of game playing. Just guess, wager, move on to the next question.

Some example questions would be…
How many floors are in the leaning Tower of Pisa?
In feet, what is the longest snake ever recorded?
What percent of Greenland is covered in ice?
How many pounds did the heaviest ever sumo wrestling champion weigh?

Lots of fun trivia and loads of educational facts. It’s a great homeschool tool idea for a change of pace!

The folks from North Star Games are generously giving away a Wits & Wagers to one lucky winner! This would make a great family Christmas gift. -or- Share the fun with someone else on your give list!

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Play a game tonight!!
Kerry :)




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