Day 31

by Kerry


I started this series with hope and I’m ending it with greater hope. I’m so thankful for these 31 Days. Even though most days I posted nothing very profound or earth-shattering, and it was a little bit of this and that, it’s EXACTLY what I needed! Many of you know the story of my family’s past year. Grueling, to say the least. Lots of you are going through trial(s), too. I feel so blessed by the support you have shown me and continue to show me. So encouraging. That’s what we’re here for, isn’t it?! To support one another and walk the journeys together, with love and compassion. The many times that we read (in openings and closings of passages) in the Bible the expression of – “I thank my God for you daily…” – THAT IS how I feel about YOU!!! I’m beyond grateful.

I pray the everyday joys help get you through any trial. I pray for uplifting people in your life. Most importantly, I pray the God of all creation sustains you with His love, grace, peace and comfort – and I hope you pass it on.

This leads us to the Giveaway!!

And the winner of the Studio JRU $25 gift certificate is…

Gwen!!! …who said:

October 12, 2012 at 8:42 pm
I’ve been encouraged today by my 94 year old Mom who encourages me daily and reminds me God has this all worked out so leave it at that plus that many people are praying for me through a complex medical condition. Isn’t that just a grand thing? That today I can get a phone call from my Mom and she turns my thoughts to the Lord and the positive?

Congratulations Gwen!! So happy for you! Now, go SHOPPING!!!!!!!



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