Day 26

by Kerry


Diggin’ for taters!!

Friends of ours (with some serious acreage) were generous enough to share garden space with us! Soooooo nice. We tried a smaller scale garden and it just didn’t fare well in our location. Luckily hubby had planted a never-ending row of regular and fingerling potatoes, in addition to an ample supply of beans at the prosperous garden spot.




This little guy worked so hard yesterday. My big guy did, too. ;)


Meanwhile, the girls and I were pickin’ beans. I can’t say it was glorious, but we made it adventurous and ended up with some good laughs and fun memories…




Then we hauled our harvest home.

And here’s the stash (oh my mercy)…



If you’ve never tried fingerling potatoes, do it. And then give them a chance again. You might not fancy them on the first go around (but maybe you will, never know) and if not, try try again. Especially try with a little homemade ranch dressing. Um. Um. Um. If you need a good recipe for that -let me know. Fingerlings are a longer, more slender looking potato. Here’s an up close shot:


Now we get to shell these babies…


{Was reeeeeeeeally hoping for a cooler day today so that we could light the fire, put on some Christmas tunes, and shell our little hearts out. But no go. Yesterday was a balmy yet breezy 75 out, and today is just as lovely!!} We grew cannellini beans and they are beautiful. They remind me of stark white tic-tacs! Are tic-tacs even still sold?? Huh, I never see them anymore, or see commercials for them (?) – ok, that was a weird sidetrack. But seriously, if you know let me know. Anyhoo, these are the beauties that come out of this dried up hull/shell/bean, whatever the proper terminology…


That was our day wrapped up in a nut shell, or bean shell – ahahaha!! And if I’m giving full disclosure here, I strongly advise NOT going bean picking and potato digging right after eating at a Chinese buffet. Blaaaaaaah.

And I so wish middle #1 had been here for the big harvest day; he was looking forward to it. But I think week long cabin time with Grampa will have totally been worth the trade off. We missed ya, Bud!!!



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