Day 25

by Kerry


These Black Bean Brownies caught my eye on Jen’s site, at I Believe In Love. And I’m baking them RIGHT NOW! BTW: The yummy looking pic above is from her post!

I followed the exact recipe – even the coffee (which I sometimes don’t like in desserts). I did add some choc chips into the actual batter mix. Yes, in addition to the chips on top that the recipe calls for anyway. Because what’s my motto? That’s right.

Here we go:

The blender method of making brownies gets a big thumbs up from me. Bonus #1.

Bonus #2 – this was some beautiful looking batter! I kid you not.

And the smell was Yum! Bonus #3.

And Bonus #4 – Kids loving to help out. And why wouldn’t they? There is chocolate involved here!

There may or may not have been some chip snatching. Okay, there was.

And the best part (besides eating brownies) was this little chit chat I heard between my girls, while scraping down and inhaling the batter remnants:

Younger – “are there beeeeeeeeans in these brownies???”

Older – “Noooooo!! That’d be gross!” (insert disgusted look on her face)

Older, thinking twice… – “oh, yes! There ARE beans in the brownies. You probably won’t like them.”

Younger – “hmmmmm” (as she then proceeds to find any remaining batter in the blender)

Hi-larious. I can’t tell you how hard it was for me to restrain reaction at that moment in time. But I withheld. :) I had been soaking and cooking the black beans prior to the brownie-making. Thus the reason beans were on their minds, haha.

And now for results…

As I’m writing this post I am smelling the most glorious baking scents EVER! This just may be my new fave brownie recipe!! I’ll admit it – I’m pretty excited to try these. I think I’m bordering on impatient while waiting for the chocobeany goodness! Have I mentioned I’ve been on a black bean kick lately? Oh yes. I have. And sneaking them inside baked goods for my family?… Win/Win.

Oh my! They’re done already. Recipe said 30 mins but mine barely needed 25. So check them early.

The verdict?
Lots of “ummmmm’s” and “oh, so good’s” – they’re a hit!! Different texture than flour based brownies, for sure, but I’ll be making these again! And gluten-free, for the many that need them to be!!

Now… do I tell them about the beans? ;)



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