Day 24

by Kerry


My husband implemented the Musketeer Award at church recently. It’s a fun way to recognize the efforts people put forth to help the whole of the church body. Specifically, each week in our bulletin a section is dedicated to acknowledging that week’s Musketeer recipient. For example:

The Musketeer Award is given to a person who exhibits the one for all attitude toward others. This week the award goes to Elsie for faithfully coming early every week to make coffee.

So that week Elsie got the candy bar and some well deserved “thanks” for how she gives of herself. It’s a creative way to let people know we appreciate them.

Do you value people? Truly value them? Not just because they may be a friend, or relative, or a great ‘do-er’… but do we appreciate people for the simple fact that they were created? The Maker of the world desired our existence, each one of us, and created us with purpose. Talk about awesome affirmation!!

We’re trying a one-for-all and all-for-one attitude with cleanup in our home. in particular, after-meal cleanup! There’s this tendency for kids fleeing the scene after meals and mom and dad are left with a good 30 – 40 minutes worth of dish clearing, pan washing, and dishwasher loading. No fun. So Robbie came home one night and said he heard of a great idea on the radio and we were gonna try it.

He calls it the No Man Left Behind method. Everyone is assigned a “duty” (according to age ability). So, the olders are able to rinse/wash dishes and load the dishwasher. The littles are able to carry dishes to the sink and wipe down the table, dispose of any trash, etc.. The method works well and the point was made that we’re all part of the family and need to work together for the good of the whole (and mom’s sanity – ha!). And on the days that there’s an exciting something going on after mealtime, and people sometimes flee, mom is a little less irritated because of the overall improved all-for-one attitude. We’re showing we value each other.

What are some ways you, or your family, show that you value each other? How do you value those outside of your “circle”? Do you ever think about how we underestimate the value of people as loved, created beings? I, for one, know that I undervalue others way too often.




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