Day 7

by Kerry


Some ideas for giving this season…



These cutie clocks can be found at and they have bunches to choose from!

We ordered citrus fruit baskets for both sets of parents last year. Look for deals in magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, etc. We found a 30% off code in BH&G for the fruit and better yet, the money supported local farmers that needed the help to keep their orchards and groves thriving. All the in-laws loved the baskets and we wished we had gotten one for our kitchen!!

Funky mini vases. I’m seeing these all over the place. Varieties and styles galore. They’re less daunting to fill than the big vases so you’ll probably be more likely to snag a bloom or branch and be done! I think these minis make an adorable “sweet and simple” gift. Tie on a homemade tag and make someone’s day.

Many come in actual sets…


20121006-212227.jpg You could give whole sets or split them up.

Loads of homemade versions as well – check out this wild idea:

20121006-212643.jpg Yeah, we’re talking a balloon wrapped around a votive holder! Am I the last one to hear of this?? folks. I can’t begin to do this one justice with words. Just go. See for yourself.

Lastly, I just love these.


These beachy designs remind me of my parents!



Cute. Cute. Cute paperweights. What a great teacher gift. Or for a scrapbooking someone!
I’ve seen some crafty DIY versions of the weights, but none of the pictures convince me that the homemade replicas will have a semi-decent lifespan. Let me know if you know something I don’t know, ya know? – link it to me.

Those are a few ideas on my give list… More to come later in the month!
Doesn’t it make you feel good to give? I love it. Big or small, giving makes me happy. What ideas have you found, or created for gift-giving this year?



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