Day 6

by Kerry


It’s Saturday! The weekend seems like a more than perfect time for a no-brainier kind of post. Maybe it’s just me. Either way, let’s have some fun with it!

While I was on bed rest recently I was desperate to find SOMETHING to occupy my time. The kids would pop in one by one when they wanted to “check in” – but that didn’t fill up nearly enough minutes in my day. So my hubby started bringing me old magazines to peruse.
**Really he was cleaning the basement and wanted me to add to the pitch pile (wink, wink).**
I was all for it. And you know what?… This ended up serving as the perfect solution to my boredom. I found numerous decorating and crafting ideas, great recipes to try, tons of homeschooling ideas, fun quotes that inspired me, blogging topics, and polls – gobs of just for fun, serve no purpose kind of polls.

Here we go. Your magazine-ish poll question of the day is…

What is your favorite drugstore buy?

Now, the actual question I saw said “favorite drugstore beauty product” but, I would use the term loosely. For example, I am addicted to Burt’s Bee lip balm. Is this an actual beauty item? Maybe, maybe not. Also, Altoids and Mentos. You could argue that good breath is a beautiful thing. Mints as a definite beauty product? Probably not. You get what I’m saying. I love these items and they are occasionally reasons why I do those run-into-a-drugstore/grocery store/Target, spur-of-the-moment, while-I’m-close-by, types of runs. This is why I’m going with drugstore “buy” – your answers don’t HAVE TO be beauty related, but they can be.

Here were some faves published in Real Simple (the year 2007, mind you):

hair coloring kits
Aveeno moisturizer
Neutrogenia body oil
Bonne Bell Cherry Lip Smacker
false eyelashes
Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Magic soap (oooo, can be bubble bath, shampoo, or body wash!)
Noxzema (I used to use this in high school – ha)
nail polish
magnifying makeup mirror (true, don’t you always see these EVERYWHERE??!!)
cotton balls/Q-tips
emery boards/buffing boards
floss picks (love these)
Carmex (my sister was addicted to this stuff for a while -LOL- like me and Burt’s Bees lip stuff!)
Cinnamon Mentos (yum)
Someone even said – “anything that comes with a free gift or a bonus pack” – (true at times, right?)

This is hysterical (drugstore mania) – and I quote…

Apparently everything is my favorite product. I go to the drugstore for one item and leave with nail polish, shampoo, lip gloss, and a hairbrush. I come home and have a completely unexpected pamper-me party.

Are you nodding your head to any of these? What would you add?



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