Day 5 {Giveaway}

by Kerry


I am THRILLED to showcase Studio JRU!!! It’s all about sharing the love and Jennifer has shared her life and love in such a special way – numerous ways – with me this past summer and still now, as seasons are changing.

The above Psalm 139 piece is hers. This beyond beautiful artwork she created for me – – well, …there are just no words to accurately describe how much it means to me. After my first miscarriage (this time last year) and all the heartache and frustration that accompanied that, I knew my “stumbling” upon Jennifer’s blog was no random thing. Not too long after summer was underway I decided I’d love to have a special something to joyously remind me of my sweet baby. I needed a positive reminder. My husband read and talked about Psalm 139 with me in such a comforting way during the early days of our miscarriage (more about this later). I’ve read and known these passages for so many years. But I felt the Truth in the words this time; I breathed them in and clung to them like never before. I still do. And it’s amazing how many times this Psalm has made its presence known to me over and over since then. There was no denying that I wanted to mesh the verses that mean so much to me and my husband with Jennifer’s creative talents. God has used her gentle spirit to refresh me, calm me and encourage me in ways I’ve never experienced. I am so grateful.

That wonderful artwork/reminder/blessing is sitting before me right now. And I’m honored. Little did we know I’d be expecting again. Just weeks after Jennifer and I discussed ideas for the Psalm, and after I decided to use it as an extra special birthday gift for my husband, I found out I was pregnant and due the exact same time as the baby before. Unbelievable. Our hopes were high even though we quietly questioned if all would turn out okay. Unfortunately, about a month and a half ago – around the same week as the year prior, we lost this baby. All signs pointed to not one baby, but twins. Disbelief. We lost three babes in one year’s time.

It is hard, emotional, frustrating, agonizing… but God is revealing Himself in mighty ways. And we are blessed. Obviously Jennifer’s piece brought with it even more meaning than we could have ever imagined.

Will you visit her blog and her shop sometime soon? I would love that. She didn’t ask me to do this in any way, shape, or form. I want you to see her heart and experience a soul like none other I’ve known before. You will indeed be blessed. And if you already know Jennifer, be an encouragement back to her this month in some unique way.

Because I am overwhelmed by her friendship, and God using her in my life, I want to share Jennifer’s talents with YOU!!! There is a $25 credit waiting for one of you over at Jennifer’s shop! By the way, she made prints of the art piece she custom designed for me. So if that is something you’d like, it could be yours as well! Or maybe for a friend of yours. Check out all her handiwork. You can use the money toward anything in her shop – Yippee!

In the comments: *Share a way someone, or some experience, has encouraged you* and your name will be entered into the Giveaway.

The winner is Gwen!!! Congrats! To see which Gwen it is go to Day 31. ;)




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