Day 2

by Kerry


I’m keeping it simple for this series! I know your time is valuable, so here we go…

Have to admit – I’m not a fan of candy corn. My kids like to think they are, but really they’re not. I can read it all over their faces: *Mom, it’s a halloween candy so shouldn’t we be loving this? Then why am I not?* They don’t even have to say it. I see them thinking it. :)

Nevertheless, the corn makes for some creative vase filler! I love this idea. It’s simple, colorful and don’t you think it’s super fun to look at?!? Easy. Effortless. Doing it.



Garbanzo beans!! I was getting ready to cook a batch the other day and realized these little guys look like pumpkins! Or maybe even walnuts/chestnuts?? I tried a practice run in a juice glass and they totally looked cute and fall-ish.

Don’t underestimate the pantry for decorative options! Speaking of the pantry…

Coffee beans – yum! It’s like a scratch-n-sniff decoration. Light the candle and wah-la, instant coffee aroma! Jennifer at StudioJRU posted this fun layering items tutorial a couple days ago. I’m searching my house for layer possibilities this week. If I’m successful I’ll snap a pic of the completed project and add it to this post.
(**Giveaway coming soon!! Check back later for more details!**)


And to round this all off we’ll end with some more candy corn inspiration. Hooray for spray paint!

It’s seriously the little things that are inspiring me the most lately. They make me happy. :)
So, who likes candy corn? Be honest. We won’t judge. I just can’t handle the taste – can’t do it.



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Also linking the ORANGE candy corn vase filler to Color Your World this week with StudioJRU!!
What are some *oranges* you’ve been inspired by lately?