31 Days

by Kerry


I love this verse! I need glimpses of hope each and every day.

My oldest daughter is Hope and the name suits her well. She is a little girl who exudes big inspiration. This is a great reminder to me. Sometimes God uses the simple things to give us hope and a nudge to stay inspired. For me, the change in seasons represents the perfect time to reflect, regroup, plow ahead, and sometimes maybe start again. That’s the point I’m at right now. Starting again. Not with everything brand new in my life, but with a heart change. (And no, my posts will not be this heavy everyday!!)

Be inspired. Get inspiration anywhere you can. Stay open to it, even in the hard times. That’s my goal this month: to continually Live in hope, remain motivated, and be inspired …always.

Catch a quick glimpse into our challenging past year here. Say a little prayer for our healing, then join me for a wild mix of: crafting, recipes, fun quotes, ideas for simplifying, artwork and plenty more overall lite-hearted inspiration!! And please feel free to share links and comments all month long about some of your favorite inspirations this past year, on any topic! I’d love to meet you and be inspired by YOU!!


31 Days of Made For Real {October 2012}

Day 1 – This Intro Page is Day 1

Day 2 – Fall Vase Filler and Simple Painted Pumpkin

Day 3 – Crazybusy quote

Day 4 – Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Day 5 – Giveaway Announcement !!

Day 6 – Fun Poll

Day 7 – My Give List

Day 8 – Autumn In A Cup

Day 9 – Thankful

Day 10 – 100th Post

Day 11 – Learning To Read

Day 12 – Unlovely Seeds

Day 13 – Share

Day 14 – Coconut Sugar Scrub

Day 15 – For The Love Of Our Babies

Day 16 – Friendship

Day 17 – Banana Bread

Day 18 – Relating Through Trials

Day 19 – Why Not!

Day 20 – Sweetest Day/Must Have Fall Tutorials/Giveaway Reminder

Day 21 – Unglued/PVC Project

Day 22 – Knockout Knobs

Day 23 – Fave Spiced Tea/Fall Lights

Day 24 – Musketeers

Day 25 – Black Bean Brownies

Day 26 – Gettin’ Down & Dirty

Day 27 – Don’t Forget!

Day 28 – Thanksgiving Recipe Twists

Day 29 – Divine Reminder

Day 30 – Snow!

Day 31 – Series End/Giveaway Winner Announced!


In case you haven’t heard… there’s a little link-up happening for the month of October over at Nester’s site! ;) Pop on over for more details and MANY inspiring links!


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