Crafty link-up (Paper Wreath)

by Kerry


Keeping up with the Times has a simple tutorial for this beautiful wreath made from dictionary pages.


Don’t you just love it? Light, flowy, and simple. My attempt may not end up as professional looking as Barb’s. Hmmmm. The kiddos are thinking it’s a pretty cool looking project though, and I’m having fun. And that’s all that matters at this point in time. ;)


After I had them all hot glued onto the frame, I spritzed the wreath with a bit of tea and ran my hand gently against the direction of the leaves. I then set it out in the sun for about an hour to dry. It ruffled and curled them up just enough to give it some texture.

Awesome idea!

Please visit Barb’s site to fully appreciate her work on this gorgeous wreath!!20120928-161053.jpg
And this would be my pathetic attempt at this project. My brown packaging paper and newspaper leaves aren’t near as flowy and beautiful as Barb’s dictionary page leaves, so my wreath will have a more rustic look. [FYI: I am rewriting this post because I accidentally deleted most of it tonite! So show me grace with my remembering… but I think this is where I wrote something in regards to the scary leaf that has “Pain” printed on it and what in the world kind of surgery is that advertising?? Oh yes, and then the part about – this is where layering comes into play – to hide the scary newsprint. Amen.]

No doubt, be prepared – you and your scissors will become best buds by the end of this adventure!


Linking with the ever-creative StudioJRU.