Message Board Gifting

by Kerry


Lots of crafting going on everywhere! I’m adding my faves to the mix…

My kids love message boards. Here’s one we have in our living room that they love to draw on:

20120925-112948.jpg Also can be used as our “Welcome” sign when people come over.

Since we’re back into the swing of homeschooling I’m realizing what aids I still need to help us stay on track. I desperately need individual message centers for each of my school age kids. Not too long ago I shared my excitement over Creative Message Boards that my BFF exposed me to – and I fell in love with the idea instantly. Remember the framed scrapbook paper? And the cute message she wrote on the glass for my daughter when she visited?? Yes. So easy peasy. And the possibilities are endless with all the adorable patterned papers out there in scrapbook land. So this is a direction I may go for the kids’ daily homework assignment, or my nightly meal menus, or to use as their snack board (list their snack options for that day so I don’t get asked a kazillion times what there is to eat). Or all of the above! We’re talking five minute project here and you could customize girly paper or icon patterns of whatever your sons are into at the time.

Also am loving the individualized framed chalkboards idea for each of the kids. For homework, chores, encouraging messages, verses, poems… Could put the ‘letter of the week’ up there for my youngest to see everyday. Again, endless options.

The Family CEO had a great tutorial with the chalkboard spray paint.


HGTV had a basic chalkboard paint tutorial:
Make Chalkboard
Cut a piece of 1/4″ hard board to fit inside frame (NOTE: your hardware stores will cut these for you!). Spray surface of hard board with primer and allow to dry. Apply two coats of chalkboard paint with foam roller, allowing ample dry time between coats. Tip: Cover paint tray and roller in cling wrap between coats so they only need to be washed once.


Insert Chalkboard
Once dry, insert chalkboard into frame using small nails hammered into sides of frame to secure it.


Gobs of cute framing ideas online…

20120925-115932.jpg So cute over the mantle.

20120925-120126.jpg I just bought a frame like this – half off at Hobby Lobby!


20120925-120655.jpg Look at the clever chalk holder!!



20120925-121008.jpg So sweet.

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