Color Your World

by Kerry


I wanted to link up with Jennifer so badly this month for the “color of the month” because the color is TEAL – and I love it!!

After another horrifying month this year I need color in my life. And color it shall be.

I’ve recently mentioned a new artsy friend, Angela, and her beautiful, whimsy birds. They’re awesome and so is she. My birdies arrived safe and sound after what looked like an extremely rough flight through the mail system. Here’s what the box looked like when it arrived:



I was soooooo worried! But all is well…


Thank goodness. (It did look like Ace Ventura drop-kicked that box to my front door.)

When the Color Your World color was announced for the month I was wondering what I could come up with. Then my birds arrived and, well, it’s a no brainier! Look at these beauties. They represent my babies. Those with me and those lost.



So sweet, and all that wonderful teal!

Since we found out we most likely miscarried twins a few weeks ago, I’m asking Angela to make another plaque for us with two birds on it. My husband’s idea that I love. It will have the word “Give” on it, also. So special to us.

And these beauties were each wrapped in gorgeous fabric. Look…


And it matches my birds! So I’m thinking of framing swatches of the fabric and hanging it in spots amongst my feathered family. I promised Angela I’d post a pic once I got everything hung. So I’ll show you gals what it looks like all put together soon.

To see Angela’s Etsy shop click here. Or here to visit her Button Bird Designs blog.

For Jennifer’s blog go to Studio JRU and learn more about the Color Your World series. And stop back in next week to see the custom piece I asked Jennifer to create for my hubby’s birthday. I’m going crazy with anticipation. Can’t wait to see it myself!