Unfortunate Update

by Kerry


I was really hoping to share good news with you this week. We found out we were pregnant again, about a month ago. Today would be 10 weeks. Unfortunately, this past Tuesday we miscarried another precious baby, and possibly more than one. As you can imagine we are numb, have lots of questions for the doctor, and are feeling so frustrated as a family. We hadn’t told our kids or family and friends that we were even pregnant. We wanted a positive, good looking ultrasound picture to show our kids – we didn’t want them to worry about losing another sibling so we waited to tell. Signs of possible miscarriage occurred a week ago, but then all looked and seemed okay. But when we thought we were out of the woods, the worst kicked in.

Please pray for our family, especially our kids. They took the news hard, as expected (especially our older two). We don’t want them to be angry with God and are trying to remain positive with them. We have let them know it’s okay to be sad and frustrated, hurt, discouraged. But God is in control and loves us and keeps us – His ways are perfect and He doesn’t make mistakes. He wants good for us, not to harm us.

My sweet friend Jennifer, over at StudioJRU posted the awesome reminder print (up above) on her Facebook page for me and asked people to pray. I am so grateful to her for providing this inspiration for me and anyone else needing it at this time in their life. Not so ironically, I suppose, I already had Jennifer working on a custom piece for me relating to my last miscarriage. Little did I know what was on the horizon for us again. I will share this special artwork with you soon, and offer someone a giveaway from her shop, something we already had in the works. I’m so anxious to share her talent with you. Check out her site if you aren’t already familiar with it. Your heart will be forever changed.

Also, my new blogging friend, Angela – from Button Bird Designs, is sending some of her artwork that will be my early Christmas present! I found her through Nester’s site and couldn’t resist ordering a selection of her adorable birds and tree(s) to represent my home and kids. I will share these with you as well when they arrive. Check our her talents at her Etsy shop and blog. She has been so supportive during this rough time as I had just been communicating with her about my order, and what I wanted for each of my babies, when this miscarriage suddenly shocked us. It was such a roller coaster week and she prayed through it all, checked in, and cared some more. I am so moved by the care of friends I’ve never met. God is good and He so wants to provide for us, and shows it in the most unexpected ways sometimes.

I also owe Darcy, at Message in a Mason Jar, a big hug and “thank you” for all her love this week.

Taking a bit of a blogging break to heal, get my kids into school mode, and get answers from docs about what is going on with my body. Please pray for this, also. I’m not looking forward to the tests in my future – especially pray for us on September 10. And did I mention that this baby was due at the exact same time as our last one? We are guesstimating that they both died around the same time, too. Another healing year ahead of us.