Good clean fun!

by Kerry


When the bigs are away the little will play… with mom. As in cleaning. For fun!

No, really, I am having so much fun with little toot while big bro and sisters are still with Grampa and Gramma. For some reason this time around I’m ‘cool mom’ and he’s not getting bored with me! Yippee!!

He wanted to help wash dishes tonight and I decided to just let him go for it.

He washed this bowl…

and washed…

… and washed.

That bowl has never been so sparkly. I threw in some utensils, cups and lids – the kid went on crazy cleaning mode, and loved every minute of it. Such a beyond great reminder to me of how simple these fun, REAL moments can be. He had a blast. I got the dishes done. We splashed. Laughed. Bonded. Granted, there was a minor flood on the floor beneath the sink. But soooo worth it.