Clean is good…

by Kerry

Even if it does only last 20 minutes. If we’re lucky.

Wait. We really do have countertops over there?

And here? Hmmmm, I’m amazed. They do exist.

And because of my most awesome husband…

We have a clean laundry room! That you can twirl in (even better)!!

Is that really the floor – with no shoes thrown all over? And no more lost socks behind, under and beside my washer & dryer?? It’s a Christmas miracle. I’m in awe.

*So, hubby just declared we are ALL going on a three day fast in order to preserve the cleanliness of the kitchen (don’t you love it when they get a taste of our everyday?)!!

*the girls’ bunk beds are assembled and situated, along with matching dresser… Pics and curtains about to be hung

*dresser from Mom and Dad’s room is now in boys’ room

*closets in kids’ and parents’ rooms: all clothes gone through and sorted, floors swept and now visible!, fall/winter clothes tried on and in place for easy access soon (check, check, check)

*living room scoured, furniture suctioned inside and out, clutter cleared

*dining table easy to dine at (and we are like sergeants now about clearing table when finished with any activity – kids are loving us right now. Not.)

*piano wiped down and dust-free for all of 10 seconds, but oh well

*kitchen scoured, cabinets de-cluttered, refrig moved – cleaned – moved back, bigger better trash can moved in, we never eat again so area stays clean ;)

*any object in home not used in last year – donated or trashed

Life is good and I’m feeling less stressed! Yee haw!

Cute kid who just woke up from nap, content, and potty trained during 3 days of our staycation… Priceless.