True Love Always

by Kerry


“You’re the one that I want, you-are-the-one-I-want, … Ooo ooo oooooo!”
I did sing this to my hubby in the car today while we drove three and a half hours with no air conditioning with four exhausted children. Gotta love it. It’s all about making those special memories. ;)


What are some of your favorite wedding/anniversary memories or bloopers!?!

Priceless moments that top my list are:
*seeing my man for the first time when the (hilarious) best man dramatically swung open the doors before I walked down the aisle
*finding out that hubby and friend went through the nearby McDonalds (gross) drive-thru adorned in their tuxes so they could have a quick burger before the ceremony. Yes we have evidence of this on film.
*my dad drawn to tears instantly when I turned to him to say my last unmarried daughter “I love you”┬ábefore he walked me down the aisle
*hubby squeezing the snapdragon flower heads to make it look like they were talking (while our backs were to the guests during a solo) in order to stop my flood of tears after our vows and make me laugh instead

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