Friday Favorites

by Kerry


Check out The Blue House Blog for info on the Chia seed craze. I’ve been hearing and reading more and more on these healthful seeds and Melissa does a fantastic job breaking down what foods we should be eating along with the whys behind it all. She is personally invested in helping her family eat right – learn what’s (the who, really) behind her motivation by perusing her site. {the Chia Seeds article is guest posted by Melissa on another site but I’ve provided the link to it through her own blog}

Because I can’t get enough of Evie’s adorable crafting, and because the wreath was such a hit, here’s another great teacher gift idea (why couldn’t I find these last spring?), or craft room/homeschool room decor, kid’s desk item idea …etc. And yes, those are candy coated Oreos in that pencil vase! Chocolate covered Oreos anyone? ;)

Along the same line ~
I saw a super simple teacher gift on Facebook of a potted plant with a cute tag dangling from it that read: Thank You For Helping Me Grow. CRAZY CUTE and SIMPLE!! Love it. You could totally buy a simple pot and hot glue the pencils to it for this idea as well. Oh my mercy, the possibilities are endless!
Love this post from Emily, at Chatting At The Sky. I think you will, too.

What were some of your favorites from the past week?