grace for the good girl

by Kerry


The rains came down last night! And it feels like glorious grace!!

We have needed this rain so badly, just like many parts of our country are needing this healing water. I’m thinking especially of you, Jennifer, and our days of prayer for God to please send the rain. Hoping you’re getting this as well, or did get it days before us.

The rain makes me think of our book club with Emily and the grace that “good girls” need so badly. And how grateful I am that I’m found and never truly lost when I am in Christ.

Hallelujah, Grace Like Rain!

The cleansing of guilt, shame, inadequacy, fear. That shell has to break apart, die in the soil to produce the life inside. To allow that life to thrive.

And the masks fall off. Ah, fresh air. Real lives living in real truth! Protected in the release. Fully trusting.

Hallelujah, grace like rain. All my sins are washed away. They’re washed away.

I could hear all the masks thudding to the ground this week. Hallelujah!

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