It’s VBS week… Enough said.

by Kerry


Okay, so not really enough said. I didn’t mean it when I said that in the “Title” – {but I did mean it, and you know what I mean}.

Exhaustion. Sheer exhaustion.

What is it about these 5 short mornings that produce soooooo much exhaustion?? And I mean the drop dead kind of tired where you can’t function for the rest of the day. Oh my mercy.

My fridge will be covered in crafts by the multiples of 4 all. week. long. :D
(By that I meant all-summer-long and possibly into the fall season.)

So last week my kids attended VBS at another nearby church. I was literally singing the Hallelujah chorus each time I walked into my quiet home after dropping them off. Interesting how you don’t mind waking early to drop kids off when you know there’s a whopping 3 hours of quiet time immediately following! And that small, but awesome, chunk of time is not nearly enough to start any cleaning projects. No, no. That’s the beauty of it.

Back to this week…

Now, people – I realize I am not a young teeny bopper anymore helping out at Vacation Bible School. Not even my young, newly married years self. But 30’s, granted late 30’s, should not produce such feeble and frail feelings. I mean I birthed my last babes at home. I have some pain tolerance experience. It’s a miracle I’m in the upright position as I write at this very minute.

Think we need to amp up the snacks next year. At least provide the volunteers with protein-packed granola bars or bags of mixed nuts, something. I’m dying here friends. The last three days are gonna be a struggle!

As the Pastor’s wife I don’t feel at liberty to discuss some of the already numerous hilarious AND scary stories of our first two days (though I would love to, trust me). So will you please share some of your most memorable VBS stories with me? Or ways in which you share my pain?? Of this summer or summers past. Doesn’t matter. Do tell any and ALL. No details left behind.

Don’t worry. No one from your church will know it’s you commenting…