Spoiled? What d’ya think?

by Kerry


My mind keeps straying back to this excerpt I read on Frugal Mama’s blog not too long ago. So I click back and re-read it every so often. I think the part about parental approval vs. child approval is so interesting.

What are your thoughts on the following?…

Spoiled Rotten | The New Yorker

…Contemporary American kids may represent the most indulged young people in the history of the world. It’s not just that they’ve been given unprecedented amounts of stuff—clothes, toys, cameras, skis, computers, televisions, cell phones, PlayStations, iPods. … They’ve also been granted unprecedented authority.

“Parents want their kids’ approval, a reversal of the past ideal of children striving for their parents’ approval,” Jean Twenge and W. Keith Campbell, both professors of psychology, have written. … This is a social experiment on a grand scale, and a growing number of adults fear that it isn’t working out so well: according to one poll, commissioned by Time and CNN, two-thirds of American parents think that their children are spoiled.

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