Super Simple Clean

by Kerry


This Super Simple is for all you tea lovers out there. Or in my case, those living with tea addicts.

Husband is an avid tea drinker. And that’s putting it mildly. As a result, we have the ever-always stained tea pitcher (of which I didn’t think to take the initial picture of in my excitement to clean it).


Anyhoo, I just bought a big bag of lemons because they’re fun to pile high in a bowl or vase on your counter AND… because it’s summer!! I love using fresh lemon in anything and everything, plus it’s a great all natural cleaner. Hence, the tea pitcher that I reluctantly noticed sitting in the middle of my counter begging to be filled with more tea – a staged scene by hubby, I’m sure.

Couldn’t stand it. Had to attack that pitcher.

Cut a slice of lemon off and went to town. Then got oldest in on the fun for picture benefits.

It was working so well I had to throw it in as my Super Simple #3 for the summer series. Here you can sorta kinda see the diff between the two halves of the pitcher.


The lemon lifts the stain off immediately. Some heavily stained spots needed an extra squeeze of the lemon wedge and extra elbow grease. Then I’d use my nails and scratch any remnant stubborn streaks off. For the spout, I cut my wedge in half again so it would be easier to wrap around the lip.

And here’s the finished product:

Now for the Cranberry Pomegranate goodness that is about to steep in this clean baby. Yum!

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