I am mom – hear me cry!

by Kerry


Do you ever take pictures of your kids and then …

start crying?? I apparently do and that was the case after snapping this quick photo.

I love them soooo much!!

I think because that moment becomes an instant memory. The arguing, whining, tantrums and beckoning get frozen in time. Just for a second. You see yourself, your hubby, family generations living in their small faces.

The love overwhelms me.

I took the above pic for my Mom and Dad (known to the grands as Papa and Mimi) – their birthdays are one day apart. And I thought about seeing my grand-babies’ faces some day. The extension of love through my own babes.

Tears spill for the love of these precious gifts. Hours earlier tears rained out of frustration over one of these stronger-willed gifts. (Kristen, by the way, at Chasing Blue Skies, has an awesome prayer for the strong wills in your life!)

I cherish these instant memories. These reminders of overwhelming love. I hold them close -thankful for each unique gift.