Super Simple Meal

by Kerry

We love breakfast fare at our home morning, noon or night. This egg centered meal is a hit with the littles and easy peasy to whip up.

While housing us during yet another one of our numerous house-hunting weekends, new friends from our soon-to-be new congregation served us this simple breakfast. And hubby and I thought, ” huh, why didn’t we ever hear or think of this before??”

Grab your farm fresh eggs (the family we stayed with had their girls collect some from their own chickens, love it) and crack ’em into your greased muffin pan. Your oil or butter of choice will do. Place in a 415 degree oven for approx 8 – 10 mins. Runny or hard yolks: peek in on your eggs until they look just right for your liking.

FYI, the family we stayed with… She made up muffin batter the night before. Then the next morning she cooked a batch of muffins while the eggs cooked simultaneously. They like their yolks hard. We like our yolks a tad runny so I just cook muffins first at 350, bump up temp, then eggs cook to our liking in a jiffy.


And there you go! (I salt and pepper eggs before cooking, but doesn’t matter)


We enjoy potatoes on the side – seasoned with butter and herbs or simply dipped in ranch dressing {a slight addiction in our family}.

Easy, cute and yum. We do this weekly.

I think my kids love these because they’re round and come out of a muffin pan; they love anything muffin related.

This is #2 in the Super Simple series.
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