Creative Message Boards

by Kerry


This is a beyond beautiful craft-it-yourself kind of deal. The kind that widened my eyes when I first caught a glimpse and indulged my “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS” envy. And I must. And I will.
(Insert wildly excited laugh here!)

Ok, so my new crafty love is this easy DIY message board. Which, might I add, can be dressed differently for various viewing audiences, like say your daughter’s room, your entryway, a living/family room and even your bathroom. Yes, I have seen a version of this in someone’s guest bathroom and it was honestly hysterical! Think of it like a guest book of sorts. But larger scale and not just for guests but for family encouragement in a fun, unique way. You can leave oodles of crazy, kooky one-liners. Or keep it more sacred for inspiring verses, acknowledging a kind deed in your home, or even as a prayer board.

My good friend (from where we used to live) took a pic of this for my daughter to remember her visit with her BFF recently. Adorable! So I made her snap some more shots of this gem to share with you.

Here are her super simple instructions:

More pics of my love you frame. All you do is get a picture frame, insert some pretty scrapbook paper, add an “I love you because” title, and then grab your little dry erase marker and make someone’s day.

My sister made mine as a birthday gift for me! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!



I’m thinking I may end up with more than one of these in my home now, hmmm. The wheels are spinning. So many clever directions to go with this one! Think of all the looks and sizes of frames you can choose from. Dress it up or down depending on the room you want to hang it in – our options are endless here. My kids will love this. What great bday and holiday gifts these will make! Love it. Thank you Kim!!