Super Simple Soap Solution

by Kerry

Since we are always looking for easy(er) ways of dealing with the necessities of life {& the fun things as well} I thought I’d share some of our tried and true ideas with you this summer!

This first “Super Simple” centers around one of the main things we waste in our home – soap.

With four tots running around we can go through the soap. The kids’ bathroom obviously is the worst. Soap on the counters, all over the sink, on the walls, on the hand towels, on the floor. You get the idea.

So because I despise buying soap in the first place, and even moreso how much gets wasted in my home, … and did I mention I’ve been allergic to Bath & Body Works stuff since baby #2 arrived? Nine years ago? Very strange post pregnancy thing indeed. Not that I needed to be spending $5.00 on soaps anyway, but still… I digress.

…I decided (like we’ve screamed to ourselves many a days) THERE’S GOT TO BE AN EASIER WAY!!

And there is.

You don’t need to pay for water added when you can add water yourself!
(This is for foamy soap, FYI)

Here’s what I do:

Take used soap bottles – yes, I use my occasional splurge B&BW bottles or beg, borrow and steal ones from friends and family – did I mention I do this with my dish soap also??


Now pour just about an inch, not even, of desired soap into your bottle.



Fill bottle rest of the way full of water. And wa-la… Your very own frugal foamy soap.

Do you see the beauteous foamy soap bubbles!?!

This makes your soap laaaaast sooooo loooong. It’s great. And I get less upset with the messy kids’ bathroom this way AND the foaming soap seems to be less messy AND the kids can’t break these used B&BW bottles, they’re quite indestructible (okay, maybe except for that one time…).

*(I do have all the fixin’s for my soon-to-try homemade soap recipe. Will let you know how that turns out. Then boy, we’ll be saving the soap bucks!)

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