On The Wire (this week’s “Wow!” thing)

by Kerry

Is anyone else watching the man walking on the wire over Niagara Falls?!?!


(Photos in New York Times and here.)
So, now it’s Saturday and most of you have seen this amazing feat. Pretty much a “Wow” thing – you have to admit!! And I have to admit that I was saying the prayers right along with Nik Wallenda. Did you hear him? And yet he remained soooo calm. He said that he attributed the ‘calm’ to all the years of practice, and mental preparation as well. Still, I’m impressed.

Of course this reminded me of what I am trying to focus on this year: Peace.

And I’m trying to mentally remind myself daily of the importance of relying on my Saviour for that Peace. Only He can calm my anxious spirit, ease the past pains, and line me up to head in the directions He desires for my life.

Do I call on the Name of my Lord enough? When I’m feeling on track and when I feel like I’m falling?

How about you? Do you have something you feel God leading you toward this year? Growth in a certain area or a refocus nudge?