Bandaid Bliss

by Kerry

So, my kids have all possessed the same obsession with bandaids at around the the same age. What’s up with this? Someone please tell me. It’s almost to the amusing point that my fourth babe is now into the bandaid bliss – here we go again! And of course his older sibling emphatically cheers this obsession on because love still lingers in her when it comes to bandaid body art – she only recently exited this quirky phase.

This wasting of boo boo stickers used to drive me insane. To the point of me needing to hide them.

But now I just buy the cheapest brands out there and go with the bandaid flow (if the ‘character’ ones are on sale I’ll splurge, occasionally). Because really, who cares? There could be worse phases… and we know there are.

So why the obsession? Don’t know. It could be a combination of:
1) kids love stickers and *hey, these things stick!*
2) an independence spurt of *I can fix something on my own, make it feel better* even if sometimes it is a pretend ouch
3) they get to unwrap a new one every time, it’s like a gift

I’ve concluded whatever the reason(s) ~ the simple joy this bandage invention brings to my tots is worth it. They’re no worse for the wear. Besides, I get to see the colorful reminders of such joy daily – in my carpet, on my bathroom floors and countertops, even on my walls. Hahaha

Oh how I miss the simple joys from simple things. I’m working on this in me, as an adult child. Recognizing the happy that comes from everyday real in my current phase of life.

What funny phases have your kids gone through? Or you when you were a tot?