Faith in a box

by Kerry

– We all have about as much of Jesus as we want. –

Hmm, doesn’t sound too bad.

That doesn’t sound good though.

Oh no, no. That isn’t good at all. That’s downright depressing.

That’s God in a box.

We (I) complain and complain about never enough time in the day. About what to say no to. About not enough me time. Not enough sleep.

Never enough.

But what about Jesus? What about never enough Jesus?
I have my faith box, literally my God in a box. I choose when I’ll allot time from my precious schedule to spend with Him. Is it first priority in my day? Sure. Ok not really but I always have good intentions. When do I carve out time – and should it really be carved out or an *I can’t wait to spend time with you again* type of relationship? My -you rank first relationship.

Why don’t we feel like we never have enough of Him? Instead, we {and by ‘we’ I still mean I} go to the box when it’s convenient for us, me.

How sad. How humbling. How I wish I could change and maintain that priority. I should be yearning for that time with my Creator. One on one, not just through other vessels.

A wise person told me, “we should NEVER be satisfied with our relationship with Jesus…..but always desiring to grow closer to Him.” If I feel like I’ve had enough of Jesus on any given day then hello, neon sign, something’s not right.