The chiropractor ~ my new best friend.

by Kerry

I implore you – if you’ve never been to a chiropractor – you must go. Run, don’t walk. Sprint if you can to the nearest office. Need some nudging?

Ok, here are some reasons why you should try it out and tips for the first visit…

First off, I guarantee you need this whether you know it or not. I have known of people going to a chiropractor for years, even close friends of mine. So this is the part where I admit that perhaps judgmental thoughts may have crossed my mind about women spending way too much time and money visiting their local chiro. (who me?)

Now this is the part where I tell you Yes! Yes, you need to pamper yourself with healthy doses of bliss, separate from your day to day. You need to say yes to taking care of you. It’s vital. You will be a better wife, mom, employer/employee, friend – (you fill in the blank here). And if you feel like you need permission to do such a seemingly frivolous act I hereby grant you permission. Done.

Ask around. Get highly recommended names from as many people as possible. This is not difficult and you will soon see you’ve jotted down quite a list of chiro names without much effort. I literally heard doc names shouted at me from other rooms when I muttered the question, “Does anyone have a chiropractor they love to go to?” I quickly grabbed pen and paper and attempted to keep pace writing down my new best friend options. Get locations, numbers and talk about your concerns or needs when compiling your list. People are more than willing to give their opinions!

Next, your actual appointment. Docs love when you come via recommendation. Of course, who wouldn’t. Here’s a tip: if this particular doc came highly recommended to you – tell them. In my case my chiro is the cousin of a (new) good friend of mine in the area we recently moved into. He was more than happy to work with us on cost since A) his cousin referred us and B) we’re on a ministry budget. Again, it never hurts to be real in all circumstances; be honest and realistic in regards to those on both sides of the coin. He was thrilled with the extra business and willing to accommodate. Win/win. Little did we know he could help relax the kids a bit, too – and this is such a gift after a long, drawn out process of relocating our family. Bonus!

You’re in control! Yes, you want to be in control when it comes to your doctors. We tend to go as a family since he can keep the kids ‘in line’ -so to speak- by using the clicking thing (that’s the official term we use) down their spines. We all love the clicker. It maintains balance in the spacing between your vertebrae which in turn helps with the shock absorbency of your body. Think about it. Kids = crazy, clumsy, daring, sports, bike spills, stair Olympics, … It helps to check in on those spines every so often. Our chiro could easily tell my son was a typical 9 year old boy, with boy history, by a simple spine assessment with said spine clicker. ha, ha Plus, if you happen to have a tightly wound child, problematic or hyper, a monthly visit can do wonders with the behavior. And fyi, doors can be left wide open for such procedures, it’s no biggie (if the behind closed doors thing is a concern for you). Ours doesn’t care how many of us are in the room – very whatever atmosphere. Although moments like these intentional relaxing visits are most beneficial kid-free. ;)

Even the birthday card I received from the chiropractor’s office was relaxing.

Pregnancy is a prime time to use your local chiropractor. I regret, regret, regret I never went during pregnancy, and well-trusted friends and midwives recommend this highly. Great for keeping your body properly aligned during all those body changing stages. And post pregnancy alignment visits can be just as important! Get checked out, if anything just to make sure hips and legs are in proper position after baby arrives (back, too). This can provide so much needed relief.

Chiro guy has a giant dry erase board displayed for all to see when you walk in. Can’t miss it. And every time I go I know there’s going to be some encouraging message to spur me on in self-care. It’s okay to have priorities in maintaining sanity for self I’ve decided. I’ve given myself that permission. Give yourself permission as well – for whatever it may be. Allow yourself that perk from time to time. Relish in a “me moment” then encourage someone else to do the same. {You’re it!}

All this talk reminds me I need to make my next appointment.