Dashed Expectations

by Kerry


Ok, you know it’s bad when even your fortune cookie says –

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst

I’m laughing all over again! I mean really, how sad is that? In a cookie??


So of course I don’t let these Americanized desserts predict my future. It’s all in good fun. But I do have to say that this is the cherry on top of ‘the icing on the cake’ for me this month. Maybe even the past year or so.

I have learned long, long ago never to hold expectations higher than what my anxious heart can take after the expectations are dashed. As the old saying goes, ~ don’t expect much and maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised! And if not, the hurt won’t be as bad because the expectations were low.

But this still doesn’t work. Dashed is dashed no matter how high or low the expectations. We want to expect great things from people, frequently! And when those hopes aren’t lived up to we punish others and ourselves. We deem it all not worth it once again. So not worth the friendship chance, the trust, the counting on… only to be disappointed another day. What about rejection? Disappointment is bad but rejection, well that ranks even worse. Nope, won’t risk it. Not worth the pain.

And on the cycle goes. Because we do still hope and dream and wish. We desire to relate, and be recognized and needed.

I boo hoo over my unmet hopes for my birthday and Mother’s Day. Stabbing feelings of bitterness and regret come flooding back at the very thought of the dreaded all-in-one week. No separation of celebration. Just another come and go occasion. And so hard for me this year. With loss still overriding any joy to be experienced.

Hurtful words from people this month. Surely meaning no harm but all the same stinging. Maybe said with no prior thought.

And then words that were never said but were so needed for me to hear.

Grouchy nest. Perhaps looming from grumpy mom.

Disappointment. Expectations dashed. And like the cookie said I was sure I’d prepared for the worst, long ago. Possibly not prepared enough or maybe too much?

What does God say to me?
My grace is sufficient for you.
I will never leave you nor forsake you.
Cast your burdens on Me.
Trust in Me.
Extend grace and love.
Expect Me to do great things!


Do you ever get caught up in the expectation web? Share your thoughts.