Grab the Kleenex!

by Kerry


Waiting for the bus… Last Day of School!

I don’t know whether I’m crying tears of pride for how brave my babes were in their first year of ‘big school’ (since they’d been home schooled thus far), or tears of what to do with them this summer!

;) Love them, you know I do! I really missed my big kids this year. It was definitely an adjustment for all of us. New home. New community. New school experience. More to come on these topics in later posts – be sure to check back in, I’d love your thoughts on these.

Ahhh, summer.
{FYI – great summertime Popsicle ideas at Kitchen Stewardship this week!}

A bit of a break and celebration for sure (!), then…
Will definitely be doing a reading program of sorts for the summer, math & geography too. And K5 work for my younger daughter. Time for the yearly review and deciding what to do about the next one. Always hard decisions to wrestle with – the prayers on this topic never end!

What are your plans for the kids this summer? How do you organize the time?
How do you weigh the school pros and cons? What are some favorite summer activities?