My latest 5 Faves

by Kerry

These are a few of my favorite things! {April/May edition}

1 The Chew (when I get to actually watch)

2 Super-Easy Rocky Road Fudge recipe from
– and I’m not even a huge fudge fan, but I needed a snappy snack recipe and now this is my go to choc indulge. Seriously folks, like 3 ingredients here:

*one bag choc. chips (love Ghirardelli brand)
*14oz. can sweetened condensed milk
*mini marshmallows
Vanilla extract (a smidgen)

Dump chips and milk in a bowl. Micro on high one min. Stir. Micro 20 secs more, if needed. Add a splash of vanilla ex. Stir and add marshmallows in (I use at least 2 -3 cups). Spread in foil lined 9×13 dish (dab some butter on foil first) and chill till hard enough to cut into bite size pieces. Note: I add even more marshmallows on top of mixture while pressing into dish so my hands don’t stick -plus it makes it extra gooey good. Crushed nuts are optional in mix.

3 Mentos
(ingredients in these aren’t nearly as repulsing as other mints or gums, and I don’t feel guilty if the kids sneak these from my purse-bag)

I guess I’m going with the edible theme here?? Wow, didn’t even plan that.

4 my iPad
– even though our connection stinks from home and I cry waiting for things to get posted or emailed at times, this wonder pad has brought more happy moments into my life in the most unique, unimaginable ways
(ok, and I guess to tie food into it somehow… I don’t miss using cookbooks now that I have this puppy!)

5 the freezer

I am loving that my kids get so exhaustedly hot after playing outside, now that it’s almost summer, that I can freeze just about any food item and they devour it like the greatest treat on earth. And it doesn’t even have to be on a stick! And they can make it themselves, retrieve it themselves and head right back outside to eat it themselves!! Amen to easy snacks and less mess on my floors!