Do you have a blessed nest?

by Kerry

There’s house and home but there’s also nest.

As we stared at and studied this sweet little nest that my youngest found -apparently at the bottom of the slide (?)- I realized we always say “Wowww!” at this site. Something about witnessing the natural habits of creatures taking care of their families that brings the awe factor to life. And seriously each time I viewed the little nest with one of the kids one of us consistently expressed a “wow” or an “aw” as if we’d never seen one before.

You can tell the home builder had taken time to pick just the right twigs and leaves, even batches of our dog’s cozy soft fur from the yard. There was care and intent involved here.

The tiny treasure was seemingly unfinished and unusable at some point so I brought it inside and set it on my windowsill above the kitchen sink. Not so ironically every time I glance at that nest I think about the intended family, and of course, my own. Is my house a home? Even more, is it a blessed nest?

{Hmmm, a blessed nest. We wish people blessings at Christmastime, on wedding days and birthdays, even in everyday greeting cards. Do I truly bless my nest, my Home Sweet Home, on a daily basis? Do I unselfishly provide care and best intentions in the forming of the heart of my home – literally the structural foundation of my nest?}

I don’t know. It certainly doesn’t feel like the ideal (not quite sure what ideal is though) a lot of days. Do I, as mom, create a nest-like atmosphere or do we live in that chaotic place? We are the zoo crew, I will admit. Always eventful over here. And that’s okay. But I find myself wanting peace to exist as the overriding theme in my home. I want a happy, energetic, loving nest with genuine attention given to caring for and valuing one another. I keep telling my brood of four that they will want their siblings to be there for them, especially down the road, and vice versa. Likewise, I want my children to know that Mom and Dad are always their #1 fans, ok – #2 next to their Creator, and we are here for them and will be there for them always. Being available and real is huge to me.

I think it’s about fast-forwarding time every so often. A reality check of sorts. Attempt looking back over the years, after kids are grown… What do you see? What was the mood of your home most days? What memories are your kids taking with them from days in the nest? Was it a blessed nest for them at all or just a house they lived in throughout the early seasons of their lives? Then, maintain or adapt accordingly.

These reminders are good for me.


What was your house/home/nest like growing up? Do you want it to be the same or different under your current roof as it was for you growing up?